Statement by Vice President Joe Biden on Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month honors what is best in our democracy: our diversity, our traditions that are shaped and strengthened by people from every part of the world, and the rich Hispanic culture that enlivens our history and lights the way to our future. During this month, we remember and celebrate that Hispanic heritage is American heritage. Our histories are overlapping, reinforcing, and together, growing ever more vibrant.

The future success of our country depends on Hispanic Americans having the opportunities and the tools they need to succeed, and throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, we honor the incredible contributions of Latinos to our country and to our shared purpose. The scientists working in labs across the country on a vaccine to fight this virus, and the doctors and health care workers working long hours to save lives. The Dreamers fighting for justice, and the other essential workers who are keeping our nation running during this pandemic. The diplomats who proudly represent the United States of America and our values in countries all over the world, and the military members and families who love this country so much, they are willing to sacrifice everything for it. The engineers who are working to develop the new technologies that will help us leap forward to grasp our clean energy future, and the skilled union craftsmen who are going to help us build it. And, the citizens who are making a plan for how to vote and to add their voices to the vital chorus of our democracy.

This month is also a moment to reaffirm the strength we draw as a nation from our immigrant roots, and from our values as a nation of immigrants. The reason we are the nation that we are is because of immigration. It’s the source of America’s constant renewal and the reason we’ve been able to remake ourselves generation after generation. No matter where your family came from, we’re here because we all share the same ideals. We’re made up of the same grit and determination to write a future of opportunity for ourselves and our families. This is the story of America – it’s who we are. It’s who we have always been. And it is well worth celebrating.

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Joe Biden


Joe Biden

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