Trump allies’ 920 page plan to give Trump more power over your daily life, gut democratic checks and balances, and consolidate power in the Oval office.

Project 2025 is the plan by Donald Trump’s MAGA Republican allies to give Trump more power over your daily life, gut democratic checks and balances, and consolidate power in the Oval Office if he wins. Trump’s campaign advisors and close allies wrote it – and are doing everything they can to elect him so he can execute their playbook immediately. 

Here is a taste of Trump’s Project 2025:

  • Takes Away Reproductive Freedom Nationwide
  • Uses the Presidency for Revenge on Trump’s Political and Personal Enemies
  • Terminates the Constitution 
  • Consolidates Power in the Oval Office
  • Guts Democratic Checks and Balances on Presidential Power 
  • Gives Handouts to the Ultra Wealthy Paid for by Working Families
  • And Much, Much, Much More

Where did Project 2025 come from? The highest levels of the MAGA Trump elite wrote Project 2025 as a blueprint for Trump to implement if he wins a second term. This same group of advisors and allies got Trump to adopt most of their agenda in 2017, but this time their Project 2025 agenda is even more extreme and dives into almost every aspect of Americans’ daily life. And they’ll be able to accomplish it by firing civil servants and installing loyalists into the federal government to do their bidding. Fortunately, we have access to it in time to warn America and stop their power grab. 

Don’t believe us? Check out the 920-page Project 2025 report on their website and read it in their own words. 

To break it down for you, here are some of the ways in which Donald Trump is planning to reach into your daily life and how his extreme MAGA allies are planning to consolidate power and steamroll democratic checks and balances to get it done. 

Consolidate Presidential Power for Trump’s Own Revenge and Retribution

Donald Trump and his MAGA allies plan to reward political violence, prosecute political opponents, and pardon January 6 insurrectionists.

Donald Trump is running a campaign of “revenge” and “retribution.” He and his MAGA allies will use the office of the presidency to turn his dark dreams into reality. 

While Donald Trump and his MAGA allies attack our democracy, Joe Biden is protecting it.

Gut Governmental Checks and Balances

Trump and his allies are planning a massive expansion of presidential power, with plans to restructure the government and concentrate power in Trump’s hands.

  • Donald Trump and his MAGA allies will empower themselves to fire and replace independent civil servants across the government with extreme MAGA loyalists – turning independent government employees with specialized technical expertise, such as the people who keep our food safe, working for the American people into political creatures implementing his extremist agenda. These loyalty tests would stretch to national security personnel (pg 51) and beyond. 
  • Trump wants to restore the power of “impoundment,” allowing Trump to unilaterally withhold congressionally appropriated funds.
  • Donald Trump has plans to bring historically independent agencies directly under his control, including the Department of Justice, to use law enforcement to punish his enemies and protect his cronies.
  • Donald Trump wants to completely dismantle key departments of the Executive Branch, including the Department of Education.
Take Away Your Ability To Make Your Own Health Care Decisions By Ripping Away Reproductive Freedom From Every American, Everywhere

Donald Trump brags about abortion bans across the country – what’s next is even worse.

In 2016, Trump infamously said “you have to ban” abortion and that there has to be “some form of punishment” for women who get them. He followed through on his promise. 

Donald Trump is proudly responsible for overturning Roe, ripping away a woman’s constitutional right to make her own decisions about her own health care.  

And now, because of Trump, women across America are suffering under MAGA Republicans’ barbaric laws that are stripping them of their rights, restricting access to the health care they desperately need, and putting their lives at risk. 

Trump owns every single attack on reproductive health care – from abortion bans to assaults on birth control and stopping IVF treatments – across the country. Take it from Trump himself: these bans were “only made possible because I delivered everything as promised.” 

Because of Trump’s bans, women are bleeding out in emergency rooms or forced to travel hundreds of miles to access life saving care. Doctors face life sentences in jail just for providing health care that they were trained to provide. And families’ access to  IVF treatments is in jeopardy. And Trump calls this “a beautiful thing to watch.”

But what Trump and his extreme allies have planned for a second term is even worse: 

  • A national abortion ban 
  • No national protections for fertility treatment 
  • Restricting access to contraception for almost 48 million women
  • Make it easier to buy a gun than access some birth control and reproductive care
  • Criminalizing the shipping of abortion medication 
  • Building a surveillance state to track women and health care providers
  • Use the power of the federal government to crack down on reproductive freedom nationally 

And Trump and his allies don’t need the help of Congress OR the courts to accomplish this.

Joe Biden is standing up to them at every step. Read more about how Joe Biden is protecting reproductive freedom. 

More Tax Handouts to the Ultra Wealthy While Raising Your Taxes, Terminating Your Healthcare and Cutting Your Social Security

Trump is promising to cut Social Security and terminate the Affordable Care Act to fund tax giveaways to his billionaire buddies and lower taxes on big corporations in a second term.

During a fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago, Trump told the crowd, “You’re rich as hell,” and promised, “We’re going to give you tax cuts.” Here’s what his agenda means for the rest of us: 

  • Trump proudly says he plans to “terminate” the Affordable Care Act—which will endanger the health care of over 45 million Americans who benefit from ACA marketplace insurance and Medicaid expansion. Project 2025 goes even further, calling for lifetime caps to be added to Medicaid recipients, which could threaten another 18 million Americans’ health care.
  • When asked about cuts to entitlements like Medicare and Social Security, Trump said: “Oh we’ll be cutting,” and later doubled down, saying, “There’s a lot you can do…in terms of cutting.”  It’s not a surprise—every one of Trump’s budget proposals as President included cuts to Social Security and Medicare—as he cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations.
  • Trump’s Project 2025 and congressional allies called for raising the retirement age, which would significantly cut Social Security benefits. 
  • Trump has called Social Security a “Ponzi Scheme,” supported raising the age for eligibility, and has been open to privatizing it.
  • The Project 2025 agenda will put Medicare on a path to privatization and raise prescription drug prices through repealing Biden’s caps on out-of-pocket drug costs.
  • Trump will also raise the prices of household goods, from groceries to clothing to medicines—imposing a radical tariff policy that would raise taxes on middle-class families of up to $8,300 a year while giving the wealthiest Americans enormous tax cuts.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is fighting to make our tax system fairer and cut taxes for working families. He has strengthened, protected, and expanded the Affordable Care Act. And he will never let Republicans cut Social Security or Medicare.  

And much, much more.

Trump is planning on pushing through his extreme agenda to have more power on all aspects of American society, regardless of what the Constitution says. This includes reinstating a Muslim Ban, putting more guns in classrooms, and restricting LGBTQ+ individuals rights.

Some of the other plans in Project 2025 include:

  • Reinstating and expanding Trump’s racist Muslim ban
  • Putting more guns in schools, through arming teachers 
  • Trump is planning to build huge camps to detain suspected illegal immigrants while they wait to be cruelly deported and rip families apart. 
  • Stop any and all acknowledgement of gender identity and LGBTQ+ people
  • Instead of promoting LGBTQ+ equity, Project 2025 calls for the government programs to be “replaced by policies that support the formation of [straight] families.” (pg 451)
  • Reinstating the ban on patriotic transgender Americans serving in the military (pg 104)
  • Cutting money from school meals, which Project 2025 calls an “entitlement program” (pg 302), despite it being the only hot meal for many food insecure children. 
  • Dismantling the Department of Education and attempting to claw back Biden’s student loan forgiveness.  
  • Eliminate the early education Head Start Program (pg. 482)
  • Roll back all the progress we’ve made on tackling climate change. (pg 522-534)

Americans should know what they are getting with Trump in Project 2025. This playbook lays out America’s potential future in Trump’s second term and everyone considering who to support or if to vote in 2024 should read it.