Joe Biden Promises to Always Protect – and Strengthen – Social Security

He Won’t Cut Your Social Security to Pay for Tax Breaks for the Rich

Joe Biden views Social Security as a promise—a sacred trust that generations of Americans count on. But Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans keep looking for ways to cut Social Security while giving more tax breaks to the ultra-wealthy. Joe Biden promises to defend every dollar of your Social Security.

This spring, Trump’s MAGA Republican allies in Congress proposed a budget that calls for over $1.5 trillion in cuts to Social Security, including increasing the retirement age to 69 and cutting disability benefits. They’re demanding these reckless cuts in order to make room for another $5.5 trillion in tax handouts skewed toward the ultra-wealthy and big corporations.

Every single one of President Biden’s budgets has protected—and strengthened—Social Security; every single one of Trump’s budgets proposed cuts to Social Security. 

As long as Joe Biden is president, he will stop anyone who tries to cut a single Social Security benefit.

Social Security is the bedrock of financial security for American seniors and for millions of Americans with disabilities, and they deserve to know that their financial future is protected. They deserve security and dignity. 

That’s what Joe Biden delivers. That’s his promise.

What is President Biden’s plan to protect and strengthen Social Security?

First, and most importantly, Joe Biden has promised to block any piece of legislation that comes to his desk that endangers the hard-earned Social Security benefits the American people deserve. With Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the White House, you can rest easy knowing that your financial future is protected.

Second, President Biden will work with Congress to strengthen the Social Security program for years to come, starting by asking the highest-income Americans to finally pay their fair share. Currently, middle-class and lower-income Americans pay Social Security taxes on all of their earnings, but higher-income Americans do not. That’s plain wrong, and the path toward extending Social Security solvency should start by making that right. What’s more, under President Biden’s plan, nobody earning less than $400,000 will pay an additional penny in federal taxes.

Will President Biden cut Social Security benefits?


Will President Biden raise the retirement age?


Did Donald Trump cut Social Security as president and will he try to do it again?

Trump has a long record of pushing to gut these critical earned benefits for millions of Americans, including proposing cuts every single year he was in office. Trump’s 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 budgets each proposed billions of dollars in cuts to Social Security programs.And he’s planning to do it again. If he wins in November, he will try to slash Social Security and Medicare. In his own words: “There is a lot you can do in terms of entitlements, in terms of cutting.” Trump and MAGA Republicans want to leave millions of seniors with fewer benefits while giving tax cuts to their ultra-wealthy pals and big corporations. Voters will reject this extreme and unpopular agenda once again come November.

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Joe Biden


Joe Biden

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