President Trump’s Visit to Florida - Statement by Vice President Joe Biden

President Trump will hold another one of his potential super-spreader rallies in Florida tonight, putting his supporters and Floridians they come into contact with in danger. This rally isn’t for Floridians; it’s to fuel his own ego, with no regard for the issues working Floridians face every day. Over 16,500 Floridians have lost their lives to COVID-19 and hundreds of thousands are without work because of President Trump’s failed leadership and lies. As cases continue to rise ahead of Election Day, President Trump offers no plan to contain the spread of the coronavirus, or a plan to get the more than 750,000 Floridians who’ve lost their jobs in this crisis back to work. His failures truly know no bounds.

The good news is the end of President Trump’s failed leadership is near. Floridians have the power to make a change through your vote. As President, I’ll implement a plan to get this pandemic under control, rebuild an economy that works for all of us, and lower health care costs and expand health insurance coverage. The possibilities are endless when you have a president who works for the American people, not himself.