President Trump’s Visit to Ohio - Statement by Vice President Joe Biden

Every single day, Ohioans are bearing the brunt of President Trump’s failures and broken promises. Ohio’s manufacturing sector has been hit hard and working families have been uprooted from the communities they love. Since the onset of the pandemic, more than 1 in 5 Ohio small businesses have shuttered, more than 410,000 Ohioans remain out of work, and over 5,000 have lost their lives to COVID-19.

President Trump’s lies and excuses can’t change these facts — but with their votes, Ohioans can turn the page on his failed presidency. The Buckeye State deserves a leader in the White House who will get this virus under control, fight for workers, lower health care costs, and bring this country back together. As president, I’ll always have the backs of workers and families to ensure that together, we build back better than before.