President Trump’s Visit to Florida - Statement by Vice President Joe Biden

News this week that Florida lost an additional 28,000 jobs in September, which brought this year’s job losses in Florida to over 775,000, is just another difficult reminder that Florida families are hurting due to President Trump’s failure to get this virus under control. Floridians deserve a president who understands this challenging time we’re living through, and has a plan to get us out of this pandemic and build back our economy. Ask yourself: what exactly does Donald Trump bring to Florida today to help your family get through this pandemic?

This moment requires a president who is up for the monumental task at hand – one who does not refer to service members as “suckers” or “losers,” or say seniors and others most vulnerable to this virus are “virtually nobody.” We need leadership. We need a president who will tell the truth and be straight up with Floridians about the challenges we’re facing, a president who has a plan to get our economy safely back on track, and a president who believes in treating others with decency and dignity. Florida, I will be that president.

Hey there, it’s Joe.

Joe Biden


Joe Biden

Together we can finish the job

We’ve made real progress these last few years, but our work is far from over.

I believe with every fiber in my being that there’s nothing beyond our capacity if we act together.

That’s why I’m humbly asking: Will you make a donation today to send Kamala and me back to the White House to finish what we started?

Dark Brandon

Dark Brandon

Malarkey ends here.

You’ve reached Dark Brandon.

There’s no malarkey on this side, just facts. And the fact is Trump and his allies will spend hundreds of millions of dollars pretending Trump's first term was not a total disaster for the American people.

Will you step up and donate any amount today to help us fight off Trump and all his malarkey?