President Trump’s Visit to North Carolina - Statement by Vice President Joe Biden

Nearly 4,000 North Carolinians have died due to COVID-19 and nearly 250,000 have tested positive, but President Trump still has no plan on how to get this virus under control. Instead, he is attacking our nation’s leading scientists and public health experts, continuing to spread deadly misinformation about the virus, and holding rallies that fly in the face of North Carolina’s COVID-19 guidelines.

President Trump isn’t focused on caring for working families in North Carolina who cannot make their rent or mortgage payments, parents and educators struggling to educate their kids, or small business owners losing everything they worked so hard to build. He has given up on his responsibility to get this virus under control.

North Carolinians have been knocked down, but they haven’t given up — and they deserve a President who will be on their side, care for them and help them get ahead. As President, I will work with North Carolina leaders and experts to end this pandemic and bring Democrats and Republicans together to rebuild a stronger, more inclusive middle class and build our economy back better.