President Trump’s Visit to North Carolina - Statement by Vice President Joe Biden

Over the past four years, President Trump has proven himself incapable of keeping North Carolinians safe or putting the needs of working families over the interests of the wealthy and big corporations. North Carolinians are paying a heavy price for his failed presidency and COVID-19 response: More than 3,800 North Carolinians are dead, 234,000 have tested positive — with cases on the rise — and hundreds of thousands are out of work.

And, despite this pandemic, the only commitment President Trump has shown is to ending protections for as many as 4.1 million North Carolinians with pre-existing conditions and threatening health care for millions more.

The people of North Carolina deserve better than President Trump’s disastrous leadership and empty promises. As President, I will do my job and look out for your family as if it was my own. I will unite our nation to defeat this virus, protect your health care, and build back better.