President Trump’s Visit to Johnstown - Statement by Vice President Joe Biden

When I visited Johnstown, I said this election was a choice between Johnstown and Park Avenue, and I meant it. Over the last four years, President Trump has only looked out for big corporations and the super wealthy like those on Park Avenue, and has failed to protect Pennsylvanians from the health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, Cambria County’s unemployment rate has risen to double-digits, and Pennsylvania is seeing its highest number of COVID-19 cases in six months. But instead of having a plan to help communities like Johnstown recover and rebuild, President Trump is trying to strip away health care protections from the 5 million Pennsylvanians living with pre-existing conditions.

As president, I will fight for the workers and families in Johnstown who are tired of President Trump’s broken promises and failed leadership. I will bring good-paying union jobs to communities like Johnstown, raise wages, and create economic opportunity for all Pennsylvanians. And I will protect your health care and work alongside you as we rebuild a better economy — an economy that works for families in Johnstown, not just the folks on Wall Street.