Joe Took on Trump - And Won

Last night, Joe Biden went toe-to-toe with Donald Trumpand won.

Joe took Trump to task for failing to contain COVID-19, for refusing to condemn white supremacists, for his poor leadership on behalf of working people and for being, as Joe said, “the worst president America has ever had.”

Joe laid out his vision for a stronger, more inclusive America. He outlined his plan to defeat COVID-19, protect and strengthen the Affordable Care Act, address systemic racism and climate change, and get out the vote.

Here are the top moments from the first debate:

1. The Future of the Supreme Court

No Supreme Court nominee should be confirmed while an election is already underway. Across the country, right now, millions are voting. They deserve to be heard.

The stakes couldn’t be higher as Trump attempts to use the Supreme Court to destroy the Affordable Care Act and protections for millions with pre-existing conditions. We can’t let him get away with this.

2. Trump’s COVID-19 Fiasco

Here’s the bottom line: no president who sits by while over 200,000 American lives are lost should keep their job. Donald Trump never had a plan to deal with COVID-19. He still has no plan.

Joe Biden does. He’ll ramp up testing and contact tracing, support our health care workers, schools and small businesses, and ensure the vaccine is widely accessible and safe. You can read his seven-point plan to beat COVID-19 here.

3. We Have to Come Together

Trump thinks he’s better than hard-working Americansbecause he grew up rich, because he went to a fancy school, because he exploits loopholes to avoid paying taxes. He thinks the American people are suckers.

Joe will never forget where he’s from Scranton, PA and he’ll never stop fighting for you.

4. Trump’s America

Over the last four years, “we have become weaker, sicker, poorer, more divided, and more violent.” The challenges ahead of us are great, but if there’s anyone who’s up for the job, it’s Joe. We will build back betterwe will restore the soul of this nation.

5. Vote, Vote, Vote

Our future is in your hands. If you vote, we will defeat Donald Trump and take back this country. Register to vote today at

After last night, the choice in this election couldn’t be clearer. We have to send Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the White House.

We need to stop Trump before it’s too late.

Joe Biden


Joe Biden

Together we can finish the job

The polls are TIED, and Donald Trump’s campaign is building momentum. He raised $70 million in the 48 hours after being found guilty on 34 felony counts -- and $141 million total in the month of May. Scary.

There is no time to waste. So, thank you in advance for rushing your support today.

Dark Brandon

Dark Brandon

Malarkey ends here.

You’ve reached Dark Brandon.

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