Statement by Vice President Joe Biden on Senate Republicans Blocking TPS for Venezuelans

By again blocking adoption of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Venezuelans in the Senate today, Republicans continue to prove all their tough talk on Maduro is nothing but empty words. Time and again, when it comes to taking real action, President Trump and his Republican allies have failed to support the Venezuelan people. The Trump administration, which can approve TPS unilaterally, has refused to support the measure and has, instead, mercilessly deported far too many Venezuelans back to the Maduro regime and a massive humanitarian crisis over the past year. Some five million Venezuelans have fled their homeland, and our partners in the hemisphere have borne the brunt of this exodus. The United States should protect those already in the U.S. from being returned to the oppressive Maduro regime.

As President, I will immediately grant TPS to Venezuelans already in the United States. In addition, I will marshal the international community behind a robust response to Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis, target Maduro and regime supporters responsible for corruption and human rights abuses, and lead international efforts to press for free and fair elections. Unlike President Trump, I am committed to the restoration of democracy in Venezuela and to helping the Venezuelan people rebuild their country.