Sincerely, Joe

Hundreds of people write letters, emails and direct messages to Joe Biden every day, with questions, looking for support and leadership, or offering suggestions and ideas. Americans are longing for empathetic leadership and a president who listens to and understands their problems. Joe knows the power of a simple act of kindness — it’s animated his entire career in public life. “Sincerely, Joe” is a conversation with the American people about the challenges they face, the values we share, and the progress we can make if we stand united.

Dear Jack:

Thanks for writing to me and for sharing your drawing. I hope you and your family are taking good care. I always appreciate hearing from kids who are interested in government and public service … and ice cream. Your support means a lot to me.

We face a lot of challenges as a country, but we’ve also overcome a lot. Kids like you — our future leaders — give me hope. Your curiosity and your empathy underscore the idea that as Americans, we have the power to uplift one another and improve our communities for future generations.

It is no coincidence; this was also my favorite part about working with President Obama. His hope is eternal, his friendship is true, and he has a heart as big as they come. Our friends inspire, encourage, and support us, especially on our toughest days. Often, it’s as simple as being there for one another.

I talk a lot about the soul of America. Put simply, it’s about kindness, respect, inclusivity, and the courage to exercise all three. Small acts of kindness are powerful, and as you continue to grow, you’ll learn that your kindness and friendship are your strength.

As you continue in school, I encourage you to continue to devote yourself to your studies, work hard every day, develop a genuine, life-long love of learning, and treat yourself to a little chocolate chip ice cream, my favorite flavor, every once in a while. Focus your heart and your mind, dream big, and you’ll learn there’s nothing beyond your capacity. Most importantly, remember that everyone, no matter where they come from, is deserving of kindness and respect.

Thanks again for your reaching out, Jack, and for believing in this campaign.


Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

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Joe Biden

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Dark Brandon

Dark Brandon

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