Statement from Vice President Joe Biden on the Anniversary of Senator John McCain's Death

One year ago, we lost a political giant, and a genuine American hero—my friend, my frequent opponent—John McCain. We still feel keenly his loss in our public life.

John lived by a code that sometimes seemed to be from another era, where honor, courage, character and integrity mattered. But in truth, John’s code was ageless—an American code, grounded in decency and basic fairness and an intolerance for the abuse of power. A code neither selfish, nor self-serving.

John believed so deeply and so passionately in the core values of our nation, that he made them seem more real, and he made it easier for the rest of us to believe in them too. He made us proud of ourselves. He believed in us, his fellow Americans, and today, on the anniversary of his passing, we must all remember his final instruction to us: “Believe always in the promise and greatness of America, because nothing is inevitable here.”

Jill and I send our love and friendship to Cindy and the entire McCain family on this sad and difficult day. And we encourage all Americans to join in honoring John’s legacy by making it a priority to engage in acts of civility in your daily lives.