Sample Messages for Sharing Your Page

Start by sharing your link on social media, by email, or text – here are some examples you can copy and paste to share your link or make it your own! Remember, it may be obvious to you why you’re supporting this campaign but your friends and family may be more willing to contribute if you can explain what this campaign means to you!


Post on Social Media:

Hi Friends! I’ve decided to help fundraise for Joe and Kamala to help us win this November, but I need your help! Could you help me reach my fundraising goal by donating here? [PASTE YOUR LINK]

Note: When customizing your ActBlue page, consider editing the copy and image that appears when you and others share your personal link to social media by using the edit feature and clicking into the “social share” tab. There you can edit the image, title, and description for both Facebook and Twitter shares.

We recommend saving this image for your social share edits:

Become a Grassroots Fundraiser


Send a Text Message: 

Hey! I’ve decided to help fundraise for Joe and Kamala and get them elected to the White House this November! Can you help me reach my goal by donating to my fundraising page: [PASTE YOUR LINK]


Send an Email: 

Hi there!

Update from me: I’ve decided to help fundraise for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris so we can win back the White House and get Donald Trump OUT. Even if it’s just $1, it goes towards my fundraising goal and counts as one of the donors I’ve helped recruit.

I’m trying to get five donations by tonight, could you help me hit that by pitching in $1 right now? 

Just click here: [PASTE YOUR LINK]

This is a way for us to build grassroots power and support the campaign that will fight for our shared values, so I hope you’ll join me. 

Thank you!