New Hampshire Health Care Stories

Health care is personal to Joe Biden, and it’s personal to Granite Staters. For the next two weeks, we’ll be sharing stories of what the ACA means to New Hampshire.

Read Joe’s plan to protect and expand on the Affordable Care Act here.

Gene Faltus

Gene is a proud Granite Stater and member of Team Joe. His positivity and can-do attitude put a smile on all of our faces — you’d never know he has terminal cancer.

Gene’s story shows the impact the ACA had in ending annual and lifetime limits — and why we can’t go back.

The O’Leary Family

When Michelle and Joe’s son was diagnosed with a form of Batten disease, they were told it was terminal.

Five years later, their son is doing well and can access affordable treatments because of the Affordable Care Act’s protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

Jennifer Belanger

Without access to health care, the medication Jennifer needs to stay alive would cost $4,000. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, she doesn’t have to face those ridiculous prescription costs and can afford the critical treatment she needs.

Olivia Rogal

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Olivia can stay on her parents’ health insurance as she starts her adult life and pursues a career. But this isn’t the first time the ACA has made a difference in her life — when her father was diagnosed with cancer, it helped pay for treatments.

George Hamblan

When George lost his job in 2008, his family’s monthly health care costs would have been over $1,300/month. Then the Obama-Biden Administration passed a change for COBRA, and his monthly payments dropped.

Ned Helms

From giving low-income families health care for the first time to saving seniors over $24 million in prescription costs, Ned has seen how the Affordable Care Act has made a difference in New Hampshire. As a health care leader, he knows it’s critical to expand the ACA, not tear it down.

Olivia Dupell

Olivia is in long-term recovery from addiction and believes in Joe Biden’s plan to expand the Affordable Care Act, which required insurance companies to cover substance misuse and mental health services.

We can’t go back. We need to expand access to affordable care now.

Marie Szczesny

Joe Biden and Marie agree: the Affordable Care Act was and is a BFD.

Thanks to the ACA, Marie was able to afford her daughter’s cancer treatment. Now she wants it expanded so that everyone can have access to the care her daughter had.

Mary Carey Foley

Mary is lucky: she’s always had access to health care.

But there are thousands of women in New Hampshire who aren’t as fortunate. The Affordable Care Act made birth control and reproductive health more affordable — another reason we need to protect and expand the ACA.

Chad Gamache

Chad is a fourth-generation firefighter and union member.

He fought hard for his collectively bargained health insurance, and wants every Granite Stater to have access to affordable health care like him. That’s why he believes in Joe Biden’s plan to expand the ACA.

Richard Komi

Komi Richard has a son on the autism spectrum.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, he can afford the regular treatment and care his son needs and live without fear of a future where his son can be denied coverage because of his disability. We can’t go back — we need to expand the ACA.

Cyndi Ball

It’s Alzheimers Awareness Month, and Cyndi wants to send a clear message: we can’t go back. We need to expand the Affordable Care Act.

It helped her family when her mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and she knows the ACA will help families like her own once it’s expanded.

John Broderick

A lack of mental health resources can have devastating consequences — John has seen it firsthand.

But he has also seen the positive impact the Affordable Care Act has had, and knows even more mental health resources will become available to Americans through ACA expansion.

Heather Ledoux

Heather is a busy ER nurse who has seen the positive impact the ACA has made in New Hampshire.

Thanks to the Obama-Biden Administration, Granite Staters with pre-existing conditions or those who experience catastrophic events can have peace of mind that they’ll be covered.

Gail Hernandez

Two years ago, Gail was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. If it weren’t for the ACA, she would have had to use her retirement savings to pay for her treatment.

We can’t go back. We have to expand the ACA so that every American can have access to the coverage Gail has.