League 46


This November is the most consequential election of our lifetime, and young people will be critical to our success. Joe knows we need the energy, partnership, and brain power of young Americans across the country if we are going to defeat Donald Trump and enact his bold, progressive agenda in 2021. League 46 is a community to engage, mobilize, and empower young people to elect Joe Biden. 

Since mid-March, one in five American workers – many of them young people –  has filed for unemployment. Young Americans have been hit hard by layoffs, furloughs, and pay cuts. Millennials who came of age during the Great Recession are now, along with Generation Z, facing new economic hardship. 

It did not have to be this way. This is the cost of Trump’s complacency. Trump had weeks to act to stem the impact of COVID-19, and he failed. He moved too slow when it mattered the most. His lack of leadership and fumbled response made this crisis even worse. 

We need a leader who knows how to govern to address this crisis and lead a recovery that will benefit young people. A Biden recovery will do just that. 

Join League 46 and together, we can make sure that this January, Joe is in the White House. 

League 46  consists of three teams that are working together to win big in November:

  1. Students for Biden 
  2. Young Professionals for Biden
  3. Young Elected Officials for Biden

Join us as we build the coalition that will make Joe Biden the 46th President of the United States of America!

Students for Biden 

Students for Biden is a national movement of high school and college students working to mobilize their community for Joe! Join us as we expand and create chapters across the country, organize our schools, and work to win the White House >>

Young Professionals for Biden

We are a network of young professionals who are united behind electing Joe Biden President in November. Join us as we will restore the soul of this nation and rebuild our struggling economy, so that this time everyone comes along >>

Young Elected Officials for Biden

We are a network of leaders who are not “waiting their turn.” They’re leading right now. Our Young Elected Officials, better known as YEO’s, are on the front lines at every level of government, advancing change in their communities, thinking outside the box and providing progressive leadership for the next generation >>

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