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    Once you've launched your page, you can share your page URL with friends, family, and your community. Share your personalized fundraising page across social media, and invite your friends and followers to be grassroots supporters for Team Joe. If you need help, check out our sample email, text and social media posts - you can copy and paste the posts or make some edits to make it your own.
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    Still not sure of how to get started?

    Check out this video guide to learn more.

Our most successful fundraisers win prizes

Track how you’re doing so you can become a top grassroots fundraiser, win free Biden-Harris gear AND the opportunity to hang out with one of your favorite surrogates! Here are the current prizes for the month of October plus our Grand Prize:
  • Most individual donors
    FREE t-shirt
  • Most $ raised
    Swag bag of merch
  • Most $ raised each week
    Store promo code
  • One grand prize for most $ raised + most individual donors
    Virtual game night or happy hour with celebrity of your choice from a list provided by the campaign
Questions? Review our Contest Rules

Top Raisers

Start your grassroots effort today to join the board!
  • 1
    Jonathan F
    $299,702 2,749 donors
  • 2
    Dina J
    $22,621 437 donors
  • 3
    Todd E
    $17,701 105 donors
  • 4
    Cat A
    $9,977 398 donors
  • 5
    Brian D
    $9,117 122 donors
  • 6
    Edward G
    $7,925 50 donors
  • 7
    Mark J
    $6,955 64 donors
  • 8
    Mark B
    $6,260 44 donors
  • 9
    Jill M
    $6,087 41 donors
  • 10
    Frank W
    $5,880 45 donors

Tips for Successful Fundraising

  • 1

    Be Thoughtful

    Supporters are more likely to take action when they feel their action matters. As a grassroots fundraiser, start reaching out to people who know you and care about what you have to say. Remember: We aren’t just going to rebuild what has worked in the past. This is the opportunity to build back better than ever.
  • 2

    Be Clear

    Use clear, direct language when you ask your friends, family, and followers to chip in.
  • 3

    Be Kind

    We will always err on the side of kindness in our interactions, and approach others with open hearts. Right now, Americans are struggling with a number of crises. Not everyone is in a position to donate. The most important thing right now is that everyone is staying safe and healthy.
  • 4

    Be Creative

    Joy is critical to staying energized and this spirit should come through in your fundraising. So, have fun. Start a friendly fundraising competition. We love to see the creativity of Team Joe.


  • Q: What is a personalized grassroots fundraising page?

    Your personal fundraising page will allow you to customize a web page that you can use to fundraise in your community. This link lets us — and you! — know who you have personally recruited to donate and how your fundraiser is performing. This helps you build grassroots support for Joe and Kamala that helps us fund this campaign, but also helps us generate broad support to win votes, too!

  • Q: How do I share my link with people?

    Your ActBlue form will also have all the tools you need to share your link with personalized messages about why you’re personally supporting Joe, Kamala, and Democrats in the upcoming election. It will even allow you to set up personal thank you messages for all of your donors! Or simply copy and paste your link into an email, post it on social media, text it, or however you want to send it — you get the credit for donations made through clicking the link!

  • Q: How do I see how my fundraiser is doing?

    You can see how your fundraiser is doing when you are logged into your ActBlue account and click on the stats page.

  • Q: How do I get started?

    We’re so excited to have you join the team! Check out this page to read the steps to create a personalized fundraising page and our favorite tips to help you be a successful grassroots fundraiser.

  • Q: What if I need help with my personal fundraising page?

    Check out ActBlue’s Guide to Supporter Forms for more information about your personal link.

  • Q: What will I win if I’m a top fundraiser?

    Each month, fundraisers with the most donors and most money raised will be eligible to win free merchandise. Additionally, two grand prize winners will be awarded a 30-minute virtual game night, happy hour, or conversation with a celebrity of your choice from a list provided by the campaign. For more information on our contest rules, click here.

  • Q: What if I don’t see my question here? 

    Email us at and we’ll be happy to help you.