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Thanks for making calls! To use our calling tool, you’ll need a computer or tablet with a Chrome or Firefox web browser. Cell phones are not supported. Call hours are Monday – Saturday from 10 AM ET – 9 PM ET and Sunday from 12 PM ET – 9 PM ET. Sign up for your next 3 call shifts below.

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New to Calling Voters with Us?

Follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1: Get Trained

We do live training webinars at the top of shifts: Monday – Friday at 5pm ET, Saturday at 1pm, and Sunday at 1pm ET. Learn how to have conversations with voters to move them to action, how we use phone calls to share critical voting information with people during this uncertain time, and how to use the Distributed Dialer to talk with more voters than ever.

You can also get prepared to make calls by reviewing these materials:

Step 2: Join the Call Crew on Slack

Become an official part of the Call Crew team! Slack is our virtual campaign office, where you’ll be connected with tens of thousands of other volunteers around the country, receive important updates from campaign staff, and get lightning-fast support when you have questions.

Create a Slack account at the above link, on your computer or smartphone. Once you’re in, join the #call-team channel.

Having difficulty? Feel free to reference our step-by-step guide for joining and using Slack.

Step 3: Practice the Call Script

Read and practice the call script out loud before getting started so that you feel comfortable and confident when talking with voters.

Step 4: Start Making Calls!

The Distributed Dialer is open Monday – Saturday 10 AM ET – 9 PM ET and Sunday 12 PM ET – 9 PM ET.

Use the above link to start calling now or sign up for your preferred time to call with us later.

To use the Distributed Dialer, you’ll need the following:

  1. A computer (a desktop, laptop, or tablet — iPads sometimes don’t work as well, and we recommend using a laptop or desktop when possible) to log into and use the Dialer. IMPORTANT: please use Chrome or Firefox as your web browser, NOT Safari, which does not work with the Dialer.
  2. A phone (cell phone or landline) for audio.
  3. Headphones, recommended for comfort and ease of use.

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