President Trump’s Visit to North Carolina - Statement by Vice President Joe Biden

North Carolinians know all too well the consequences of President Trump’s failed presidency: This month, we’ve seen more COVID-19 cases in a single day than ever before — three different times. More than 4,300 North Carolinians have died of COVID-19, more than one million have lost their livelihood, and due to President Trump’s repeated lies and mismanagement, North Carolinians are left without the plan or resources they need to stop the spread of the virus and build back better.

Even as his incompetence continues to hurt working families, students, educators, and small business owners in North Carolina, President Trump’s only concern is winning this election.

North Carolina, you have the power to move past President Trump’s failed presidency — but only if you show up and vote on Tuesday. Visit to make a plan on when and where you will vote tomorrow, so that together, we can tackle this pandemic, unite and heal this country, and build back better.

Got plans on June 15?

Joe Biden


Joe Biden

Together we can finish the job

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Dark Brandon

Dark Brandon

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