President Trump’s Visit to Michigan - Statement by Vice President Joe Biden

President Trump’s bungling of this pandemic has cost Michiganders their jobs and their lives – and with Trump in charge, there is no end in sight. His own Chief of Staff admitted that the Trump Administration has simply given up on trying to control the pandemic. And now, instead of implementing a plan to get the virus under control, President Trump has resorted to blaming doctors for inflating the number of COVID-19 cases.

This must stop. More than 178,000 Michiganders have been infected with COVID-19, more than 7,300 have lost their lives, cases are surging, and hundreds of thousands are out of work. President Trump has failed the people of Michigan. In two days, Michiganders can get this country back on track. We can bring our country together, implement a plan to get the pandemic under control, and build our economy back by creating millions of high-paying union jobs. Go vote, Michigan.