President Trump’s Visit to Pennsylvania - Statement by Vice President Joe Biden

Pennsylvanians have lost jobs and lost lives under President Trump’s failed leadership. Pennsylvania recently experienced the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in a single day, and Trump’s actions have led to unemployment rates of 9.2% and 8% in Blair and Lancaster Counties, respectively. While working families in Pennsylvania continue to struggle, President Trump has given tax breaks to big corporations that ship jobs overseas and started a reckless tariff war with China that has cost Pennsylvania jobs. Working families in Lehigh, Lancaster, and Blair Counties deserve a president who will fight every day for their families, their health care, and their jobs.

As I told union members and families in Pennsylvania this weekend, as president, I’m going to shut down the virus and safely open up the economy. Then I’ll stand alongside working communities in Pennsylvania as we build back better by creating millions of good-paying jobs.