President Trump’s Visit to New Hampshire - Statement by Vice President Joe Biden

President Trump’s failure to act on COVID-19 has resulted in 471 lives lost in New Hampshire, more than 10,000 Granite Staters infected, hundreds of small businesses permanently closed, and thousands of workers out of jobs. New Hampshire families deserve better than a President who, in the middle of a deadly pandemic, is working to dismantle the Affordable Care Act that provides critical protections to over 570,000 Granite Staters. And they deserve better than President Trump’s attempts to divide our nation and distract us from the fact that he has no plan to protect us.

Election Day is just nine days away, and New Hampshire is ready to vote for change. As President, I will unite our nation so that together, we can beat this virus, expand access to health care and lower health care costs, and build our economy back better than before.

We need to stop Trump before it’s too late.

Joe Biden


Joe Biden

Together we can finish the job

The polls are TIED, and Donald Trump’s campaign is building momentum. He raised $70 million in the 48 hours after being found guilty on 34 felony counts -- and $141 million total in the month of May. Scary.

There is no time to waste. So, thank you in advance for rushing your support today.

Dark Brandon

Dark Brandon

Malarkey ends here.

You’ve reached Dark Brandon.

There’s no malarkey on this side, just facts. And the fact is Trump and his allies will spend hundreds of millions of dollars pretending Trump's first term was not a total disaster for the American people.

Will you step up and donate any amount today to help us fight off Trump and all his malarkey?